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Strategic Market Studies

Original Research

HealthCare Markets Group conducts original research for its clients to insure its analysis represents current market conditions and provides an accurate platform to forecast future trends.

Medical Device Market

For the Medical Device Market, the Firm conducts research into new technologies, systems, market opportunities, trend analysis, competitive analysis, channels of distribution and threat analysis. An integral part of HealthCare Markets Group research includes speaking with luminary physicians to determine the efficacy of new technology and products, in addition to determining their commercial viability.

Provider & Services Market

For the Provider and Services market, the Firm has conducted research into emerging markets before they experienced significant growth such as assisted living, information services and practice management. HealthCare Markets Group has been active in analyzing growth opportunities for specific market segments on a local, regional and national basis.

Comprehensive Database on Companies/Transactions/Investments/IPOs

HealthCare Markets Group has become a prominent source of relevant industry data as it tracks and analyzes the financial performance of more than 1000 public and private healthcare companies.

By providing current information on specific company and industry sales, profits and valuation trends, the Report serves as an important proprietary function in HealthCare Markets Group advisory and corporate finance activity and provides customized reports for analyses by client companies. This information is used in combination with other non-published material to track performance and establish the relative value of publicly and privately held companies, divisions and product lines. It provides the Firm’s strategic business group with the latest information required to evaluate specific company and industry trends.

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